Thursday, 26 May 2016

Focus on A Select Religious Perspectives Towards Cremation

When the first crematorium was built in the United States in 1876, cremation was not considered to be an acceptable religious funerary practice. But over the years attitudes and beliefs regarding cremation have changed. The practice of cremation is turning out to be more common in North America. Although some religions forbid the practice of cremation, others have accepted the practice and today refer to "cremation" in their canon. Some religious denominations are adapting to these changes by integrating the practice into their funeral services. As the cremation rates in North America continue to rise, more religious groups are accepting cremation. Accordingly, religious cemeteries are adapting to these changes by designing columbarium cremation gardens that focus on "columbarium burial" or columbarium cremation interment.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

How To Choose The Best Columbarium Manufacturer

A columbarium garden can add value to cemeteries if the columbarium design is skilfully manufactured. Customers see value in high-end designs that have an artistic appeal. Invest in a quality, engineered structure that will stand the test of time. Purchase a columbarium with 100% granite exteriors. Be aware that in some climate zones concrete exteriors can crack and erode over time. Cemeteries can avoid future maintenance expenses and save money by investing in a columbarium that meets the highest industry standards. If it is done well, an appealing columbarium can help drive sales by attracting visitors to the cemetery. So start the process. Call a respected North American columbarium manufacturer and start asking questions. Select the manufacturer who provides you with the best information, advice and assistance.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

How To Purchase A Family Columbarium

In North American cemeteries, the family columbarium is fast becoming a popular interment option. Like a traditional family crypt or tomb, the family columbarium is designed to inter family cremains in a smaller more customized niche structure compared to larger commercial columbaria structures. Selecting a family columbarium is both a personal and collective choice. Ensure that the family columbarium you choose can be customized to meet your family’s wishes. Personal engravings, structural styles and photos can be added to evoke cherished familial themes and ancestral traditions.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Columbarium - A Common Interment Option

The columbarium is becoming a more common interment option for families wishing to be interred together. The Family Columbarium is another way to continue on with the tradition of family interment. As the trend towards cremation gradually becomes the norm, columbaria are gaining popularity in some of New Orleans' cemetery landscapes.