Thursday, 7 April 2016

Hire The Best Columbarium Designer

Most people shy away from discussions about death and interment, but having frank and open discussions prior to a death will provide everyone with the peace of mind that their interests and desires are heard. Some wish to be buried, while others wish to be cremated. The memorial marker can be represented in a variety of forms, as a monument or a columbarium. It is a dedication to the deceased, commemorating a life well lived. It is a memorial for the living, to be enjoyed and appreciated by future generations. For those who’s final wishes are to be cremated, consider a family columbarium. Our Heritage family columbarium design allow for 1 to 12 urns (depending on the urn sizes) to be placed inside a niche. The structure has a sculptural form and can be engraved just like a memorial marker. For those seeking a custom columbarium it is important to select the best columbarium designer.

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