Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How To Bury Cremated Remains

A columbarium can refer to a mausoleum or outdoor structure. The mausoleum is a large building designed with niches and crypts on the interior walls. The outdoor columbarium generally refers to freestanding walls or structures that hold cremains in niches in columbarium garden settings. Columbaria serve the same needs as that of a mausoleum. Like the spaces offered in a mausoleum for urn interment, the price of every niche in a columbarium depends on the size, location and the style desired. Once the urn is interred, the columbarium niche doors are secured with a key lockable inner security door and the granite face is secured in place. Bronze markers or personal engravings can be added to the niche door front depending on the columbarium niche design.

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